Established in 2009, Traclogis is dedicated to provide Fuel control system and Fuel consumption monitoring solution and GPS-GSM/GPRS vehicle monitoring and fleet management sensors that has a transformative effect on the way business optimize their fleet and mobile assets. 

With the development of modernization in industry and agriculture, and the wide use of industry monitoring and automatic management, the wireless control system is expanding rapidly, especially in irrigation works and electronic power, fuel consumption, with the strong demands from the market, Traclogis started the remote fuel monitoring solution study in 2009, based on the experience of fleet management solutions, we have released the complete solution of remote fuel monitoring solution successfully, which has helped our customers saving a lot of cost on the management of fleet and industrial equipment operation. 

Traclogis is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers' business through intelligent integration of location technology, information and services, according to the requests from the market, we can fulfill the needs of all sizes of companies.

No matter you are just going to enter into the fleet management industry or you have done successfully in this field, Traclogis can always be your partner. 

Traclogis' strategy is to help our customers to lower threshold of entering into fleet tracking field, as well as saving cost for the fleet managers, Traclogis is ideally to provide full range of solutions to satisfied our clients, which include also OEM project according to customer's requests.

Why choose us?

1.Cost savings for using software platform from different suppliers.

There is no need to purchase new devices,Traclogis'  technology can work with your existing devices, providing a fully customizable solution for your company. we encourage our clients to inegrate their hardware with us and leverage their current inventory for different platform due to existing tracking devices from different suppliers.

2.Lowers threshold for GPS tracking business.

With operation IOS and Android, Traclogis tracking platform can be used for the users in different field, no matter you are companies, organizations or even individuals, with just small amount invested, you can just start the tracking business easily.

3.Improve Productivity

When there is full transparency, a company naturally runs better, smoother, ultimately achieving better customer service and greater overall success. With Traclogis' state-of-the-art technology paltforms, your company will have full transparancy that is continuous and reliable


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