Mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management DR800

Mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management DR800
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Traclogis Co.,Ltd is well-known as a professional mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management dr800 suppliers among those professional mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management dr800 manufacturers in China. We have a productive and efficient factory and our mixer truck rotation sensor for truck management dr800 is sold at a cheap price. Please feel free to contact us.

Rotation speed monitor inductive sensor
High reliability, High sensitivity, High linearity, Pinpoint accuracy

About products:
1. Shape code: Cylindrical
2. Housing material: Nickel-copper alloy
3. Connection: 2m PVC cable.
4. Ambient temp.: -25~+70C.
5. Power display: Yellow LED lighting
6. Ingress Protection Rating: IP67.
Dust completely unable to enter object.
No harmful effects happen when housing immerses in 1m deep water temporarily at room temperature.
7. Impulse: 3-3000 times/min, 3-1200times/min optical
8. Non-contact detection. Effectively avoids abradion, safe and reliable. Rarely abrasive wear.
9. Built-in ASLC ensures quick response, high frequency, stable performance.
10. Surge and reverse polarity protection

About Inductive sensors:
1. Contactless, no abrasion, high reliability.
2. LED indicator
3. Diameter from φ 4-M30, multi lengths available
4. Cable and connector connection optical
5. Stable performance with professional IC design
6. Short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection
7. Wide applied in position controlling and counting function

Advantage of Lanbao:
1. Operating for 17 years in Sensor market. Lanbao offers customers high quality and reliable products with most up-to-date technology and top design.
2.2014, Lanbao are awarded the honor by goven: "National key environmental protection practical technology and demonstration projects".
3. Lanbao took part in all kinds of exhibitions all over the world. For example: 11/2014, China International Industry Fair. 11/2014, SPS/IPC/DRIVES Electric Automation. Lanbao are knewn by customers and users.
4. Lanbao provide customers conventional products.
Besides the current products, we also can supply made to measure products to your sample.
5. All of Lanbao sensors through the CE cetification.
6. Our products are extremely popular in China, overseas markets and all over the world!
7. Last but not least, all the products reach standard concerning product quality and environmental protection.

Customize for cable length, housing material and shape.

Any query, just feel free to let us know.

  Model DR800
  Mounting    Flushed/ Non-flushed
  Sensing distance    5mm/ 8mm
  Supply voltage  10-30VDC
  Output  AC 2wires   NC
  Load current    <300mA
  Voltage drop  <10V
  Current consumption  <3mA
  Return difference    1-20%  
  Repeated accuracy    <3%
  Frequency  /
 Output display  Yellow LED lighting
 Polarity protection  Yes
  Insulation pressure resistance    1000V/AC,50/60Hz,60s  
  Impulse  3-1200 times/min
 Short-circuit protection   Yes
  Ambient temperature  -25~+70C
 Ambient humidity  35~95%
 Protection degree   IP67
 Housing material   Nickel-copper alloy
 Connection  2m PVC Cable


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