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Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP800


Tire pressure monitoring system TP800  is  designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles.The driver can have real-time tire pressure information on the display, which will help to reduce driving riskes, improve fuel economy and prolong lifetime of tires greatly.


1. What are the advantages of TPMS ?

Reduce Driving Risks

Improve Fuel Economy

Prolong lifetime of the tires


2. Features:

Monitor Features:

Reliable and easy to install.
Fixed high/low pressure warnings.
Fixed high temperature warnings.
Visible and audible alerts.
Selectable pressure units: PSI or BAR.
Selectable temperature units: C or F .
Monitors up to 5 tires maximum.
Displays pressure or temperature of 4 tires simultaneously.


Sensor Features: 

Reliable cap sensors, easy to install.
Water resistant.
Replaceable sensor batteries.
Sensors transmit pressure and temperature data every 5 minutes.
Fast leakage alert.
Individually coded sensors.
Anti-theft design .

3. Specifications:

Monitor specifications: 

Operating voltage:

12 to 24V 



Operating temperature

-40 to +80° C


diameter:33 mm, height:50 mm


20 g

External Sensor Specifications: 

Pressure range:

0 to 6 bar, 0 to 87psi 

Pressure sensitivity:

± 0.1 bar or 1.5psi 

Temperature sensitivity:

± 3ºC

Transmission power:

< 10dBm 

Transmission frequency:


Battery life:

2 years (Sensor battery replaceable)

Operating temperature:

-40 to +80° C


11 grams


diameter:21mm, height:21m




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