Traclogis tracking software is a cost-effective GPS tracking system that provides with a possibility to avoid extra expenses which are normally required for buying and support your own server.

Traclogis hosting is taken on lease and resides on traclogis' data center.

Traclogis will take care of all technical aspects, but you just need to focus on your core business:
selling and installing GPS tracking devices, making them working on the monitoring system in your side and providing service to your customers accordingly.

We can customize the software to fit the needs of your clients, brand it to your identity and also integrate it with the tracking devices you are selling at the moment, here just the few of the features to get you started.

No software to install
Full branding to match your company image
Multiple operation system supported
A full-featured platform for a small monthly fee



If you are a large enterprise or government entity, while you will need or want to run the GPS tracking software on your own server, with our enterprises GPS tracking system, you can manage your own monitor data center efficiently, along with the stability and reliability of our software comes with a complete range of GPS tracking features that will contribute to your enterprises bottom line.

No monthly fee
Host your own in-house GPS tracking solution
Track thousands of devices with a fully custom tracking platform

Traclogis tracking platform is easy to install on your own servers and it is also available as a hosted service that you can access via web browser, with the flexibility of working on different operation system, which will make you really control your own fleet in the palm of your hands.

You can take traclogis mobile tracking platform with wherever and whenever you want to go.
Our mobile tracking apps present you with an easy-to-use mobile tracking interface so you can access to the platform and keep an eye on your assets anywhere that your device has a data connection.

No need to monitor a VIP 24X7, even if you are not in the office, taking a holiday but still need to keep an eye on your service vehicles?
no problem, with our mobile tracking solutions, you can do it, installation of the software couldn't be easier-simply access to the URL of the tracking software on your Android-powered device, IOS-Iphone, and we will provision it for use-letting you seamlessly and accurately connect, track and manage your fleet with Traclogis' mobile tracking solutions.

Improved individual supervision
Eliminate side jobs
Reduce theft losses
Increase employee accountability
Easy deployment, installation and license provision