RS485 Output Fuel Sensor

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The RS485 output fuel level sensor is designed for fuel tankers level monitoring, which can suit for the trucks with 2 or more tanks, the RS485 fuel sensor is with anti-theft design, with the unique assembly and installation, which will enable convenient operation on spot.
We can provide communication protocol for your integration with your own GPS communication devices. 


The capacitance between the sensor housing (outside  electrodes) and sensoring electrodes (inside electrode) changes when the oil (liquid) is filled into the container, it output standard current, voltage, or digital signals. It can be used to testing various non-conductive liquid.

Delivery time: 2-4 days        Warranty: 1 year       Trademark: Customized
Installation: Flange           Certificate: CE          Package: Giftbox

•Road vehicles
•Heavy equipment
•Diesel generators
•Construction machines

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