Digital ultrasonic level sensor for tank level monitor

Digital ultrasonic level sensor for tank level monitor
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Product Description

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor UL800
UL800 is a ultrasonic fuel sensor intended for precision fuel and liquid level measurement in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles, road tanker monitoring systems, fuel storages, generators, GSM station etc, with ultrasonic technology and easy installation, which enable convenient operation in harsh environments steadily.
The ultrasonic fuel sensor can be just installed on the bottom of the tank, which will save more time for the installation compared with the traditional fuel level sensor.
Easy Installation
No need to drill any hole on the tank

Multi-signal Outputs
Voltage Signal Output:(0-5v)
Digital Signal Output: RS232
Digital Signal Output: RS485
High Precision Measurement
High resolution of the sensor(1 mm)
Accuracy: 0.5%
Resolution: 1mm
Output Signal: Voltage, Current, RS232, RS485
Output Voltage: 0- 5V
Output Current: 4- 20mA
Easy Installation
Easy Calibration


Ultrasonic liquid level detector

Operating Voltage


The power supply ripple

Less than 100mV

Operating current

Less than 55mA

Measuring distance

4cm to 100cm;
pressure-bearing range: -0.1MPa~32MPa



Measurement accuracy


Temperature compensation range

-40 -  +80°C

Output mode

analog voltage,current,RS485,RS232

Analog output

Voltage output

1-5V (corresponding 0-100cm)

Current output

4-20mA (corresponding 0-100cm)

Digital output


See the "communication protocol"


Install method

bottom of fuel tank/can, water tank

Operating temperature

-40 - +80°C

Storage temperature

-50 - +100°C


102*48*25mm with mounting holes

Ultrasonic transducer

Operating temperature

-40 - +80°C

IP grade


Cable length

8m and with shield


About 770g

Road Vehicles
Heavy equipment
Diesel generators
Construction machines
With the ultrasonic sensor, the clients can easily operate the fuel monitoring solution,
since it will save time on the spot.


Delivery terms: FOB

samples can be provided in 2 days after payment confirmed, bulk order 7-10 days.

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