Digital Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor UL800
UL800 is a ultrasonic fuel sensor detector, which is designed for liquid level monitoring, with the ultrasonic detecting technology, it enables easy installation and operation on spot.
The ultrasonic fuel sensor can be integrated with any professional control units and equipment of GPS tracking.


Delivery time: 2-4 days        Warranty: 1 year       Trademark: Customized
Installation: Flange           Certificate: CE          Package: Giftbox

Road Vehicles
Heavy equipment
Diesel generators
Construction machines
With years of research of real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution, Traclogis accumulated rich experience in the field of fuel monitoring field, A real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution is an option for managers who need to know exactly when and where fuel losses are occurring.
In addition to notification of a sudden change in fuel-level, a well-designed remote monitoring solution is able to provide other valuable information, such as how much fuel is lost, as well as the fuel cost management with driver's behavior, which will make fleet managers to save more cost and manage the fleet efficiently.

increase vehicle or special machinery effectiveness;
minimize non-productive expenses;
supervise fuel usage;
optimize drivers working effectiveness
prevent (or minimize) fuel theft;

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