4G Container Gps Tracker

4G Container Gps Tracker
Product Details

Waterproof Container GPS Tracker -CT600

GPS Container Tracker, Long battery life


CT600 is special tracking device designed for mobile assets monitoring, with its large battery, waterproof feature, which can help us protecting our assets from theft,especially for containers and trucks monitoring, it's one of the best mobile assets monitoring solution.




  • Reduce operational cost by increasing asset visibility.

  • Real time cost-effective tracking in the event of theft or loss of container.

  • Long life Battery 

  • 10000mAh battery

  • Internal GPS antenna.

  • AGPS Support.

  • IP 67 rugged, tamper proof.

  • Casing is totally tamper proof and sends an alert to server if there is an attempt to break open.

  • Cable seal for device to prevent easy tampering with the device.

  • The information about container being tracked broadcast to web portal.

  • Tracking using Mobile Apps.

  • Dual charging port for permanent and standby power in.


A good GPS container tracking device can also record the opening and closing of the container door making it easier to identify when someone accessed goods within the container itself.

In this case a door or movement switch is wired into the GPS tracking device to allow it to know when someone enters the container. It will then immediately transmit this event.

With satellite communication technology with container GPS tracking devices you can monitor the location of your assets anywhere in the world and in the event your container is stolen can provide assistance in recovering your asset and goods.

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