Magnetic Asset GPS tracking device T27

Magnetic Asset GPS tracking device T27
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Traclogis Co.,Ltd is well-known as a professional magnetic asset gps tracking device t27 suppliers among those professional magnetic asset gps tracking device t27 manufacturers in China. We have a productive and efficient factory and our magnetic asset gps tracking device t27 is sold at a cheap price. Please feel free to contact us.


Simply attach and remove your magnetic GPS tracker to any vehicle or asset in seconds. No wiring installation required!

Magnetic GPS trackers allow you to easily monitor anything from single vehicles to entire fleets, so they are total fit for purpose no matter what the specific requirement of the device is.

With rechargeable battery life ranging from 1 year to 3 years, there is a magnetic GPS tracker for any requirement. They are the most accurate tracking devices available, providing you with real-time location of your vehicle on your Mapping Platform, as well as full location history and instant alerts.




Hidden Magnetic GPS Trackers can help you to locate cars and trucks tracking their movements in real time

Private Detective

Attached on a car chassis in a moment

Flexible Portable

Can be firmly attached under a vehicle, suitable for tracking numbers of vehicles for the family, fleet, plant, trailers etc...

Asset Tracking

Easily attached to any ferrous metal or small enough to be contained/hidden in many assets

Drop-trigger alarm

T27 is one of the best asset tracking device, which can allow you have full control of your mobile assets anytime, anywhere.