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Product Description

TL2000i is an IOS based GPS tracking software platform that provides with a variety of fleet management functions, with the software, the users can easily check their own vehicles or assets on the IOS mobile, it is good for the users to manage their own fleet.

No matter you are a large enterprise or small logistic company, while you will need to run your own tracking platform, with TL2000i, you can manage your monitoring data center efficiently,

Along with the reliability and stability of the GPS tracking software, comes with a complete range of tracking features that will contribute to your enterprise fleet and assets remote tracking management.

Advantage of the Tracking platform

Automated alerting system

Let your clients know when they can't be watching their fleet or assets, the system will SMS/Email them alerts for any parameters they can choose. no matter it's fuel thefting, over speed or exit the preset geo-fence, or anything else they want to monitor, you can do it.

Comprehensive Reporting System(up to 25 types of reports)

With the tracking software, you can have comprehensive reports for your fleet and assets, up to 25 types of reports, which include management features of vehicles working status, fuel monitoring consumption, camera, Geo-fencing, Temperature and so on, with those reports, you can easily manage your fleet, improve the productivity and saving cost accordingly.

Extensive Device Integration

The tracking software can not just working with tracking devices from Traclogis, which can also work with any brand of tracking devices around the world, please send us the communication protocol of your tracking devices, we will make integration accordingly.


Increase Driver Productivity

Real-time Dispatch Tool

Reduced Fuel Expense

Improved Customers Service

More Accurate Billing

Decreased Driver Speeding

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