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The GPS tracker software which is designed for professional fleet management project, with real-time status and history tracking, which will enable easy check of vehicle updates at any moment, 

with independent user account management features, it would be convenient for the users to manage their own vehicles.


1.It can track real-time dynamic information of vehicles in a comprehensive and precise way

Traclogis software system can track real-time dynamic information of vehicles in a comprehensive and precise way.

The real-time dynamic information for each moving vehicle can be displayed on the software screen friendly, e.g.: ACC status, driver status, vehicle status, operation information, contact information, identification information, alarm; especially, the information of speed, location, route, arrival time, parking time, leaving time, all these detailed information can be monitored in many types of geo-fences(polygons,circular,rectangular) particularly.

2.The history records can be reappeared veritably and completely.

The history records of each vehicle being tracked can be reappeared completely, by optimizing the data structure designing, running log of each vehicle can be checked conveniently, many kinds of analysis reports can be generated rapidly, the danger of system can be lowered as well, while , history records can be abstracted by the customer independently via opening database definition and combinative point considerably, many kinds of statistical analysis reports can be customized fully according to customer’s management specification and custom, currently, more than 10 types of statistical and alarm reports can be offered by the system, which can also be customized in accordance with customer’s requirements as well.

3.The tracking system can be managed by the customer conveniently and independently

Operators are authorized in user accessing control, management of vehicle group, 

map, color of software interface, font, logo, company name display, language 

option(support more than 20 kinds of language) and terminal operation command for different models.

Traclogis tracking software system is a professional and powerful software with high performance-price ratio, the most important is the stability and reliability, with the operation test of nearly 100000 cars, different operation system and environment, which has became the first selected software dedicated to provide value added service for all the customers around the world.

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