Buy GPS positioning system

1, the product's stability. To consider strong anti-electromagnetic interference, stable performance of GPS products. Vehicle encountered bumps, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, poor indoor environment conditions will affect the operation of the GPS.

2, select operators. To the operators of considered strong, sustainable development network, to prevent network coverage area is too small or because the company cannot fail to be a reliable follow-up services.

3, resolution module level. GPS module is divided into two levels, civil and industrial level. Industrial grade module performance is stable, the price is relatively expensive; commercial module on the environmental adaptability of some bad, but the price is relatively cheap. Consumers should be considered cost-effective.

4, safe energy. The energy consumption of the GPS, GPS power should be set to prevent the normal power supply in an environment of low frequency instability, failure of the circuit burnt out. Auto Connector power flow, ordinary connectors easily burned, cable of good quality in order to ensure reliable security.

5, the aesthetics of the product. GPS products are generally concealed installation, but high-end products usually come with a car phone (handle), also the handle when buying fashion, shape aesthetic appearance and compatibility with the front bezel and interior trim color, and other factors.

6, high cost performance. Good products are expensive at present, car GPS prices generally installation fee and monthly fee of 50-100 Yuan. Economy car owners to lose.