Diesel level sensor for generator set fuel consumption monitoring

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor for fleet tracking management!

Main Advantage of TL800


There are different types of fuel level sensors available in the market, this application note covers how to use the Traclogis’ Fuel Level Sensor(TL800) for real-time fuel monitoring.


Fuel and Oil level sensor TL800 is intended for precision fuel and oil level measurement in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles, road tankers monitoring systems, fuel storages, generators, GSM station…..etc, with capacitive technology and unique assembly, which enable convenient operation in harsh environments steadily.

Main Advantages:

?  Simple Installation

(with unique installation technology of Jointech, the senor can be mounted with one hole drilled,

Which will save more time compared with the traditional fuel level sensors.)


?  High Precision Measurement

(High resolution of the sensor:1mm, which can enable the fleet operator to collect accurate fuel consumption data.)


?  Multiple-signal Outputs Support

(Voltage signal output :0~5v, Digital signal output:RS232, RS485, which can allow the sensorto work with all the GPS tracking device support the signal interface listed here.)


?  Can Be Truncated

(Fuel probe can be cut down in the field to suit for proper height of the tank, which will save more time in the installation.)


Product specification

Performance parameters
Collection principle: capacitance
Size: 100mm to 1500mm
Electrical parameters: input DC 4-70V
Power consumption: 0.13W/5V, 0.19W/12V, 0.38W/24V
Signal output (can be customized):
Voltage output: 0-5V/digital output: RS-232/RS-485/analog
Resistant output: 10-500Ω/current output: 4-20mA
Communication baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 57600, 115200
Detection of liquid type: diesel, bio diesel, kerosene, gasoline and more
Material: aluminum alloy
Protection class: IP67

Product feature:
1. Waterproof design, IP67 waterproof design, it is adapted to different kinds environment
2. High precision, its accuracy is 0.5%, this means its error is 0.5L when measuring 100L fuel
3. Integrating design, this prevent human's damage
4. Products size is 100mm-1500mm, this is suitable to most tanks detecting requirement
5. Easily to install

It is widely used for fuel consumption solution, such as: bus fleet, vehicle fleet, base station generator fuel consumption remote monitoring:
1. Real time fuel level data, include: remaining fuel volume, real time fuel consumption running chart, it is convenient for analysis fuel consumption directly
2. Alarm function: low fuel level alarm, abnormal fuel consumption alarm
3. Management report: added fuel times/volume, abnormal consumption times and volume