Electric installation GPS reliable?

Now, in many urban electric vehicle has become many people's main means of transportation, but electric vehicles are often stolen is something many people would be headaches should be how to protect against electric cars stolen are also the people who most want to know issues of most concern. Many of the city's Public Security Bureau to the public security information, should teach the public how to prevent electric vehicles were stolen. Technology company technicians were also invited for members of the public who now demonstrate the use of electric vehicles to install GPS methods. To answer the questions of the public. Many people have benefited, for their electric car GPS is installed on the spot. To the public not only install the GPS, is a safe and at ease.

In the campaign, people of the benefit is small. A week ago, Xiao Li, with nearly 3000 dollars to buy a whole new brand of electric vehicles. This is already the fourth electric car he bought, before the three were car thieves to steal, you say car thieves not hateful and evil. Xiao Li from the TV news know that the Public Security Bureau to conduct security awareness activities, so he's also listening to what early against electric cars being stolen.

On-site activities of civilian police told Li, the general public are electric vehicles when they go out with a big lock, but increase the lock does not mean electric vehicles will not be stolen. Electric cars should be monitored at any time, said police should give electric cars installed previous GPS. GPS real time electric vehicle location, you can also shift alarm.

Scene from the electric vehicle parking, electric cars are stolen, police also displaced electric car GPS alarm, electric vehicle GPS positioning, electric vehicle recovery steps demonstrated once again to the public. Citizens began to realize that the original GPS useful on the electric installation, reliable. Xiao Li after reading red-handed for their electric car GPS is installed, is not afraid of being stolen again. With a safe, a safe.