GPS application in daily life

GPS emergence of accelerating the progress of science and technology. In the first, mainly for military use, is used to track location. GPS now became very widely used, involves all aspects of life, such as personal services, meteorological applications, road traffic management, rail, intelligent transportation, shipping and water transport, and so on. The following is a series of small rough statistics.

With the development of science and technology, GPS has become increasingly wide range of applications. At present, we can apply the GPS signals for land, sea and air navigation, Geodesy and surveying of precise positioning, the passing of time and speed measurements. In real life, most widely applied that everyone should be familiar with the GPS positioning, GPS navigation, in addition to GPS about what role to play for our lives?

1, construction waste removal truck-mounted GPS monitoring waste to

Chongqing is currently drafting the draft of the Chongqing Municipal construction waste management measures, and on the removal of construction waste vehicle mounted GPS system included in the draft legislation, through vehicle positioning supervision and construction waste goes.

2, traffic enforcement vehicles with GPS remote monitoring

A few days ago, Zhangjiagang city traffic Bureau is 65 traffic law enforcement vehicle installation GPS,24 hour to locate the exact location of law enforcement vehicles, inspections of such structures so as to enhance road capacity, improve the capacity of traffic law enforcement.

3, GPS monitoring and control of vehicles, location of thieves, bandits

July 11 at 11 o'clock in the morning, Zhang drove the victim to go shopping in the afternoon, her husband waiting did not return, call the phone is not connected, via Boshi with GPS devices installed on the vehicle location, find cars in Qingdao and Jiaozhou road run exception, suspected his wife, accident. Victim's husband then call 110. Winzheng 110 police, Public Security Bureau in response to the report, starting 110 plug control plans, alongside civilian police was controlled by plugging the vehicle will be victims rescued.

4, the local tax Department, the use of GPS in Liaoyang collection land use tax

Liaoyang city Bureau from last year second half of began, to full system 36 a tax by equipped with has GPS satellite measurement instrument, on city rural, and urban and rural junction, and mining dressing factory, and building materials processing, and large mining district, no land using card Enterprise used advanced of GPS satellite positioning technology for measurement, strengthened land using tax sources dynamic management, greatly improve has land area verification of accuracy, jam has Enterprise concealed, and omitted should tax area phenomenon.

5, Taiwan environmental protection departments to use GPS to locate shit caught Green

According to Taiwan, the United Daily News reported, authorities environmental sector is expected to hit 6 years 4.8 billion, executed against the Township neighbourhood clean landscaping, such as hiring college graduates will be messy or found Dog feces, with digital cameras and satellite positioning, and log on to the Internet, where pollution, and to inform the relevant expositions.

Watch 6, GPS positioning is expected to replace the traditional prison

In Spain, and Belgium and the United States where people try to use a GPS to locate the watch instead of the traditional prison. Currently, this GPS foot cuffs is used mainly on domestic violence offenders who granted parole. According to Spain under the prisons system, allowed victims of paroled offenders of domestic violence are often not allowed to enter the distance within the range of 500 meters. Handcuffed prisoners wearing GPS feet capable of launching a particular frequency of the electromagnetic wave, victims will also wear an electromagnetic induction devices, once the distance between them exceeds preset alert distance, electromagnetic sensors to alert the police immediately.

Is not difficult to foresee that GPS is a very broad scope of application, especially on the Internet +, connectivity the rise of the information age, for the time will soon come, GPS will greatly change the way we live, let us live, travel, transportation, more intelligent, more scientific.