GPS category: GPS products application form

1. car GPS: car machine is domestic manufacturers main development direction, so can selected of brand more, price also yearly declined, these GPS of features usually has: function more, usually both play DVD or other video file of capacity, voice navigation,, map covers domestic city detailed road (detailed to you fear, author home near of a big row document actually are has mark). Price at 4000-7000 Yuan.

Domestic manufacturers focus on the development of in-car GPS, commercially available brands abound.

2.PDA/Smartphone + Bluetooth GPS: this is by far the most popular implementations of GPS, PDA/smart phone, many people already have, if equipped with a Bluetooth GPS, maps, software and other resources online anywhere you can download, thousand Yuan of investment and low prices.

Nokia LD-3W, compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. Domestic brands have similar products, but the quality is worse than that of LD-3W, the price is no advantage.

3. handheld GPS: General travel enthusiasts will really enjoy the GPS handset, they have a fairly high level of waterproof, shockproof, looks very cool. Routes, track records, coordinate functions such as sunrise and sunset time, where also other GPS models do not have. But it also has some limitations: at present only smart handset, Magellan's two major manufacturers, support maps models of higher prices, licensed in more than 4,000 map resource is not open, buy very expensive. Gaoming 60CSX, current typical handheld GPS, price is equivalent to more than 3,000, but licensed domestic prices at least double.

4.GPS or GPS receiver + notebook MOUSE+ notebook: this is the most practical solution, notebook is too large to carry.

5. +GPS digital cameras: one new GPS applications, will write the coordinates to the photo's EXIF when shooting inside, with specific software can arrange thumbnails of the pictures on the map, can absolutely make travel enthusiasts crazy features. Nikon MC-35, official price of around $ 100. Through it can be connected to a handheld GPS, Nikon officially recommended models for gaoming eTrex series. Sony cameras with GPS, can only record routes, came home in the computer through time correction, write the coordinates to EXIF, faint ~. Compared to Nikon, Sony stuff is a bit retarded.

6. +GPS game machine: the same is a new GPS applications, Sony PSP portable game machine launched GPS Accessories, you can support some of the features in the game. As well as third-party software support, model PDA/Smartphone-like +GPS, but it can crawl Google map using the map, an opportunity to go abroad for business or travel friend can be very useful. Sony's very aggressive on the GPS.