Mobile DVR with Active Safety System

DM02 is a 4 channels mobile DVR with DMS( Driver Monitoring System) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) functions. It integrates DMS, ADAS and 2 channels video monitoring. It adopts H. 264 video coding format, uses TF card for video storage, and real-time transmits video to the monitoring platform with 3G/4G wireless network.


It can be applied to active safety and multi-channel video monitoring of school bus, taxi, logistics and other vehicles.

AI Active Safety Cloud Platform

AI Active Safety Cloud Platform mainly includes two parts: vehicle video surveillance and active safety driving behavior analysis, including real-time video surveillance, video playback, active safety evidence query, abnormal behavior statistics and other functions.


This platform can provide accident evidence, reduce accident incidence, clarify driver's accident responsibility and speed up accident handling. Combining with the platform, it can reduce the accident compensation rate and accelerate the settlement speed.

1. DMS function:Real-time audio alarm once driver fatigue,distraction,calling,yawning,smoking etc.
2.Identify driver ID anti car stealing .
3.ADAS function : Real-time warning before lane departure,forward collision.
4.Over speed alarm.
5.Build-in 4G and GPS,optional Bluetooth.
6.Support WiFi and 4G upload data and video playback.
7.Connect with 3rd party platform for real time management.
8.I/O output to monitor or Vibration Cushion,etc.

Benefit :
1.GPS fleet monitoring.
2.Train driver remove bad behavior,choose most suitable driver and Insurance.
3.Reduce labor costs,maintenance and operating costs
4.Improve productivity
5.Increase safety
6.Reduce whole company operating costs
7.Reduce car accident
8.Increase vehicle life span