Advanced Driver Security Alarm System DF600


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:DF600

  • Type:Car/Motorcycle Alarm

  • Certification:CE

  • Application:Port, Bus, Logistics, Dangerous Goods

  • Usage:Auto

  • Trademark:TRACLOGIS

  • Specification:CE

  • Origin:Shanghai, China

Product Description
Our product has a camera inside, which records driver's facial features.
We can detect driver's fatigue through facial recognition
then give a warning sound to prevent driver falling asleep
Our product has following features:
Real-Time Response
it is a real-time response system. If a driver gets drowsy or distracted, the system will intervene with alerts.
Rugged, Non-contact
it is a rugged, non-contact system, not tied to a particular driver - once installed, anyone can use it.
it is versatile, handling sunglasses, safety glasses, day and night.
The Industrial level
fully encapsulated modules in metal case are particularly robust. it can under the shock of 50 times the gravitational acceleration.
Web Platform to View Alerts
it can send information such as fatigue, speeding, location and etc to web platform via 3G module inside..
GSM/CDMA, SMS, Phone call
it can send SMS, receive phone call ,talk.
Flexible way of warning
give warning to driver by sound, vibration cushion.