Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor High Resolution


Fuel and Oil level sensor Traclogis TL800 is intended for precision fuel and oil level measurement in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles, road tanker monitoring systems, fuel storages, generators, GSM station etc, with capacitive technology and unique assembly, which enable convenient operation in harsh environments steadily.
The fuel level sensor can be integrated with any professional control units and equipment of GPS tracking.

Key Features: 
Accuracy: 0.5% 
Resolution: 1mm 
Output Signal: Voltage(0-5V)
Size: 10- 3750px 
Easy Installation 
Easy Calibration 


Simple Installation
With the unique installation technology of Traclogis, the fuel sensor can be mounted with one hole drilled, which will save more time for the installation compared with the traditional fuel level sensor.
Multi-signal Outputs

Current Signal Output(4-20Ma)
Voltage Signal Output:(0-5v)
Digital Signal Output: RS232
Digital Signal Output: RS485

High Precision Measurement
High resolution of the sensor(1 mm)
Can Be Truncated
The fuel sensor can be cut down in the filed to suit for proper height of the tank


Certificate: CE               HS Code:90261000

Delivery Time:2-4 days        Warranty: 1 year





Acquisition Principle


Power Input


Power Consumption



Resolution: <1mm, Accuracy: <0.5%

Communication Interface

RS-232, RS-485, CAN (Customizable)

Baud Rate

2400,4800,9600,57600,115200 (or   customized by users)


Voltage : 0-5V, Current: 4-20mA

Measuring Range


Protection Grade


Housing Material

Aluminum alloy

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~~+85°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C ~~+105°C


400g (500mm)


550mm, 750mm, 1000mm,1500mm   (Customizable)


?Road vehicles
?Heavy equipment
?Diesel generators
?Construction machines

With years of research of real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution, Traclogis accumulated rich experience in the field of fuel monitoring field.A real-time remote fuel-level monitoring solution is an option for managers who need to know exactly when and where fuel losses are occurring.
In addition to notification of a sudden change in fuel-level, a well-designed remote monitoring solution is able to provide other valuable information, such as how much fuel is lost, as well as the fuel cost management with driver's behavior, which will make fleet managers to save more cost and manage the fleet efficiently.

Digital fuel level sensors model TL800 are dedicated to connection the GPS/GSM tracker or remote terminal unit (RTU) with serial input RS 232/EIA-485 and Analog(0-5v,4-20mA).

Digital interface provides high noise-immunity and accuracy of data transfer, as well as maximum resolution of the measurement, in addition, the sensor has a high degree of power supply protection, including the use of enhanced electrical insulation.

Fuel sensors are supplied with standard probe lengths from 500px to 250 cm. The probe can be trimmed according to the exact depth (height) of the fuel tank.