Car GPS Principles

Vehicle terminal device is GPS vehicle monitoring and management system of the front end equipment, installed on the monitored vehicles. Car terminal also secretly installed on a variety of vehicles, as well as the vehicle itself circuit, circuits, magnetic door and vehicle's anti-theft devices connected can be Omni-directional vehicle control.

Car terminal consists of GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS transceiver module, main control module car alarm, external probe and other external devices.

The positioning of the GPS module is receiving satellite signals calculate its own position (longitude, latitude, and altitude), time, and motion (speed and course), 1 times per second for single-chip computer and stored in order to provide location information. MCU microcontroller to control the entire in-car units of coordination. GSM/GPRS module is responsible for receiving wireless transmissions. FSK modulation and demodulation of the section is responsible for the data, receive instruction data center and launch vehicle alarm information.

Voice control is used to control hands-free microphone headset, listening MIC,FSK modulation and demodulation signal buffering, amplifier, matches, conversion and so on. Digital logic circuit for a variety of input and output level, pulse buffer with the driver. Power and power control is used to auto-level and the reserve level automatic switch, power filtering through the keys and alarm trigger control of sleep and waking. Car alarm part is in charge of the probe all the functions of collection and analysis of complete vehicle theft alarm. Dual-control the flame on/off circuit controller is controlled by the monitoring centre and the car alarm.