Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TP800

  • Material:Plastic

Product Description
1. Brief description
Thank you for your purchase and use our company's tire pressure safety early warning system, by the receiver and the system
The system is used for real-time detection tyre internal pressure and temperature, and pressure and temperature will be collected
Send in the form of infinite rf receiver, the receiver will be collected by the data processing, display
A real-time tire pressure and temperature.
Users can according to the practical need and the specific models to manually set the alarm value, to prevent blowout, fall
Low fuel consumption, reduce vehicle wear and improve the performance of the power to the vehicle's comfort and life at the same time
The best state.
2. Product functional features
A) receiver
* color screen display
* excess pressure and temperature alarm
* fault icon flash, voice alarm
* shake wake function
* shows four tire pressure, temperature, at the same time
* rechargeable
* user can be divided into shaft set tire pressure and temperature alarm value
* can set temperature unit (ºC / ºF)
* can be set pressure unit (PSI/BAR)
* small and light, easy to install
B) the external sensors
* small and light, can be manually install
* waterproof and dustproof design
* heat-resistant, hardy, stable performance
* can replace the battery
C) built-in sensors
* installation Angle can be adjusted
* heat-resistant, hardy, stable performance
* waterproof and dustproof design