Driver Fatigue Alarm Intelligent Assistance System for Logistics Company


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:DF600

  • Type:Car/Motorcycle Alarm

  • Signal Transmission:Wired Alarm

  • Working Mode:Active

  • Application:Outdoor

  • Sensor Type:Infrared Alarm System

  • Working Principle:Pupil Identification

  • Transmission Mode:Cable

  • Alarm Volume (within 1m):≥80dB

  • Usage:Auto

  • Trademark:TRACLOGIS

  • Package:Colorful Package

  • Specification:DC9-32 V

  • Origin:China

Product Description

Driver Fatigue Alarm DF600 -Intelligent Assistance System of Logistics
With advanced face recognition and patented pupil detection technology, driver fatigue can be predicted and warned immediately.
Small size and attractive appearance, easy to install and adjust, suit for all vehicles.
The worlds's only Driver Fatigue Monitor that works all around the day.
With signal output interface for fleet management system.
Six years' effort by Dr. R&D team.
1.Introduction of driver fatigue alarm system DF600: 
Driver fatigue monitor DF600 commercial professional version is our best selling product, it can not only alarm to wake up the driver but also output the fatigue signal or "No portrait" signal to the fleet management center in office when it detect driver's sleepy or "No portrait", which can help to make better fleet management. Except this two functions, it also can connect with the vibration cushion to vibrate the driver when the fatigue detected, which can make double alarming functions to avoid the accident happened.  
2. Main Features of car alarm security system DF600:
1. In-time driver fatigue alarm. 
2. Driver looking around and non-concentrating alarm.
3. Alarm speed setting by DIP switch or by hand setting instrument, original setting alarm is at any speed, can set 3 speeds by DIP switch: 20km/h, 30km/h, 45km/h. Can set 6 speeds by hand setting instrument: 10km/h,20km/h,30km/h,40km/h,50km/h,60km/h.
4. Alarm speed setting function: When the driver drives slowly, and when the driver is parking or reversing, if he/she doesn't want DF600 alarm, then can set DF600 not alarm below some speed.
5. Over-speed reminding, speed can be set before delivery according to customer requirement, customer can't revise the setting, but if have the hand setting instrument, also can set different speeds.
6. Alarm sensitivity setting or volume setting: by hand or by hand setting instrument. If the manager doesn't want the driver to adjust the sensitivity and volume, he can stop the function of hand-setting in the hand setting instrument and set the new figure in the hand setting instrument.
7.Can connect with AVL system and output signals to fleet management central control center. Output two signals: Fatigue alarm, no image. Signal output type: ON-OFF.
8. No image signal output function: if the driver disconnects the power or turn DF600 to opposite direction or use something to cover the lens, central control system can know whether the driver is using DF600 or not
9. Connection method with AVL system is I/O (Input, Output).
10. Power connection and signal output: 5-pin cable.
11. Accessory: 5-pin cable, magnet.
12. Tool: hand setting instrument or data collection box, one customer only needs one set.
3. Target customers of driver sleepy alarm system DF600: 
1. Logistics company 
2. Mining company  
3. Bus company
4. Car renting company  
5. Taxi Company 
6. Insurance company
7. Any companies or organizations with fleet management system who want to realize better fleet management
4. Product Composition: 
5. Installation: 
Sit in the normal driving position. If the green light is on or twinkling, indicating that the driver has been detected in opening the eyes. If the green light is still on or flashing when the driver moves a little distance from left to right and down to up, indicating that the installation location is more reasonable. Then you can rest assured a safe driving. Flashing Green light is normal while driver open the eyes, especially for the driver rimmed spectacles. If there is some shielding, the green light will be flashing. 
6. Fleet Management System Integration (GPS/GPRS integration):
The data can be directly sent from DF600 to a GPRS communication system to provide real-time warnings when fatigue could present a safety risk.
7. Vibration Cushion:
Fatigue sensor can connect with the vibration cushion, when the DF600 sensor detect driver's sleepy or looking around, it will vibrate to warn the driver to keep attention to the road. Followed is the connected pictures:
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