Driver Fatigue Monitoring Solution From Traclogis

Product Description


DF600 is a driver fatigue monitoring system, detect driver's sleepy, it will alarm to wake up make the early warning before the accident happened. the drivers,
 If it detects drivers looking around or distraction, it also will alarm to warn the driver to keep the eyes on the road


DF600 can work as a separate driver fatigue monitor for the drives, but it can also work with GPS tracking system to give real time alert to monitoring center for fleet management project.

With easy installation and power supply, DF600 can work easily to avoid car accident.

Why we need to have driver fatigue monitoring system?

Fatigue driving is the driver, after prolonged periods of continuous driving, experiences mental and physical functional disorder. If the driver does not have a good sleep at the night, even a short period of driving can still cause fatigue driving.

Driving Fatigue will affect the driver's attention, feeling, perception, thinking, judging, decision making and other aspects. Driving fatigue is not a morbid state, but a physiological self-protective response. The physical strength and capabilities could be fully restored after a proper rest.

Excessive fatigue driving are the result of lack of rest compensation and may suddenly show up in some morbid. It will probably lead to an accident. Fatigue driving cannot be ignored according to the nature of fatigue, Fatigue can be divided into two Catalogues, one is physical fatigue, and the other is mental fatigue


Non-contact mode detection.
Work all around the day.
Distinguish real doze or untrue sleep, effectively reduce false warning.
Early warning for drowsy status.
Detect sleeping with eyes opening.
Detect sudden sleep.
Detect mindlessness and scatterbrained.
Can be used by people with glasses or sunglasses.
Small size and beautiful outlook,
easy to be installed and adjusted



·Logistics company ;


·Mining industry;

·Oil company;

·Army trucking;

·Government public safety;

·Automobile manufacturing;

·Automatic production line;

Fleet Management System Integration (GPS/GPRS integration): 
DF600 can work as a separate driver fatigue monitoring system, in addition, it can also work with the GPS tracking device to suit for remote driver fatigue monitoring.