Fuel Level Sensor for Precision Fuel Level Measurement TRRACLOGIS


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:UL800

  • Favorites Compare GPS Fuel Level Sensor:Oil Level Sensor in Auto Sensors Transformer Oil L

  • Kind:Liquid Level Transmitter

  • Structure:All in One, All in One~

  • Range:0~2meters

  • Principle:Fuel Level Sensor

  • Trademark:RS232 fuel level sensor, wireles fuel level sensor

         Origin:SHENZHEN, China

Product Description
Fuel level sensor for precision fuel level measurement

With non-contact measurement ultrasonic transducer technology, widely used in detecting displacement, thickness, distance, fuel level, material level, and transparency, suitable for measuring of liquid level, gaseous media and volume.

1. Output signal value, measuring range, baud rate, program execution algorithmic are adjustable.
2. Easy install, install outside of tank, have no damage to tank.
2. Thick ultrasonic probe, can measuring tank thickness as far as 3cm.
3. Measuring result will not influenced by the tank material(like plastic, stainless steel, etc)
4. Standard glue and metal wire to make the device permannent on tank

1. Technical data fuel level sensor

Measuring range
Working voltage
Maximum Load Current
Working Current
Working temperature
One way analog output0.1~3.0V, RS232
Ultrasonic probe protection Level
Master control box protection level

2. Details

1)interface(Output level value)

² Nterface: This device provides RS232 data port, analog output voltage

² RS232 serial port: The default is 9600 baud, level sensors in real time values for each measured pass 10S (in units of 0.1mm). The baud rate can be modified according to the user needs to be done, the time interval data transmission

² Voltage sampling port: The output voltage of the voltage output from the current level value and the size of the set range determined.