GPS Fleet Management Software


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TL2000W

Product Description
1. Web-based tracking, mapping.
2. Messaging from cell phone.
3. Customizable intervals by time, by stop, by distance.
4. Mileage/gas consumptions reports

5. Location, speed, heading, altitude, address, status
6. Compass showing moving direction.
7. History trace display
8. Reports export excel file

9. 180 days history data.
10. Support Google map, Google earth, MapInfo
11. Address searching support
12. Every enterprise user can administer the entire vehicle in its range.

13. It also can distribute different rights to different users.
14. Check the status of terminal real time, and achieve successive monitoring.
15. It can help the vehicle to lock itself automatically.
16. It can set limited areas to realize the Geo-fence alarm and over-speed alarm.
17. It can receive the SOS alarm from the terminal