GPS Tracker & Web Tracking System for Bus Fleet Monitoring

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: TL300

  • Voltage: 10-30V

          Item: GPS Tracker & Web Tracking System for Bus Fleet

  • Weight: 750g (Including Standard Accessories)

  • Operational Temperature: -25-70 C

  • Warranty: 2 Years

  • Specification: Customized

  • Classification: Gps Tracker

  • Function: Central Locking System Automation, GSM Network Remote Real-time Monitoring, Remote Central Locking, Automatically Unlock when Get Close

  • Type: GSM

  • Overall Dimension: 103*71*29mm

  • Housing: Aluminum Case

         Trademark: TRACLOGIS

  • Origin: China

Product Description
GPS tracker & web tracking system for bus fleet monitoring

TL300 is a tracking of fleet and mobile asset management system product which could meet the mainstream requirements of clients.The whole system is stable and reliable after 5 years real operation and service. The general functions are as below:
1. Real time vehicle online location tracking
2. Vehicle dynamic datas and status real time monitoring
3. Vehicle driving track replay
4. Route control & management
5.Real time fuel consumption monitoring;
6. Geo-fence

Product Specification
1. I/O:  5 switch outputs, 6 switch inputs, 1 analog input, 1 pulse input.
2. SMS LCD screen with Two voice communication (option).\
3. Backup Power:8.4V 400mAh Ni-MH battery.
4.Accurcy: Position: 10meters, 2D RMS 5meters, 2D RMS,WAAS enabled/ Velocity: 0.1 m/s / Time: 1us synchronized to GPS time
5. GSM module Frequancy band: SIM900 Quad-band: GMS 850,EGSM 900,DCS 1800,PCS 1900.

Product function:
1.TCP/UDP/SMS Transmission Mode
2.Data flow control/Power Saving mode:Factory setting/ Definition by user/GPS module power off/ GPS and GSM module power off.
3.Management time of uploading:Time Reference /Day Reference/ Week Reference
4. three kinds alarms: GPRS/ Email/ SMS
5. Total 64 pieces GEO-fences setting/ 64 pieces hot spot
6. Supporting domain name.
7.blind area data supplementary uploading.
8. History data storage (43200 pieces)
9.GPS antenna open/ short detecting/Automatic self-check/recover/protection.
10. built in backup battery.

Support external device:

1.Dispatch Screen(option):Dispatch Screen(option)/Dispatch message exchange between driver and centre
2.Fuel Sensor(Analog) (option)/Fuel Sensor(Digital) (option)
3.CCD Camera (option)
4.RFID Device (option)
5.Password Keypad (option
6.Bar-Code Scanner (option)
7.Temperature Sensor (option)

Trouble shooting & solution
A. The LED lights do not blink
Check wire connection,make sure that finding the correct power input wire and working current at least 100mA,working votalge is 10-30V.

B. You can not get the unit ID number,when using the fastsetting software
Check DB port connection,make sure your tracker connect with the computer' s COM port.

C.There is no GPS signal or Red indicator blink 0.2 second then stop for 1 sencod
Check GPS antenna connection and make sure that there is no metal shielding material above GPS antenna

D. Green indicator blink 0.2 second then stop for 1 second
Check the SIM card was inserted into SIM card slot ;please replace another SIM card.maybe the SIM card's frequency is not suitable for the tracker.

E.There is GSM signal,GPRS can't be connected to GPRS network
Check if APN setting right,if it is other GPRS transfer function except WAP.

F.When ACC is off, device will stop uploading the datas to server.
Use S32 command to change power save mode.

E.There are no speed showing uploading in driving process
It will be no speed showing if you don't connect the eletric mileage wire in the situation of starting electric mileage. Send S06 command to set speed ratio as 0 and start GPS mileage, or connect the eletric mileage wire and setting correct speed ratio.