GPS Tracking Systems for Kids/Student/Elder with Tracking Platform, Ios and Android APP Provide Customized Service by Thinkrace

Product Description

Choosing Thinkrace,build your own brand Platform and App!
Product Description
a total security tracking software offering:
Fully managed and hosted servers, with guaranteed 99% uptime
Fully licensed  tracking systems for:
        Personal  Monitoring, Safety Tracking
        Kids Monitoring and protect
        Students Monitoringand anti-theft/ robbery

Supported components:
        Fully your own brand and logo
        Admin Management center
        Agency Management center
        Billing/recurring invoicing system
        Open API to integrate in your CRM/ERP
        End user console
        iOS and Android App
  Multilingual with 13 languages as standard(happy to add addtional language pack as required)
  Seperate Admin/Agent/End User Login
  Realtime tracking with historical play back for up to 120 days
  Customized reporting modules(Happy to add more as required)
  Remote control features such as fuel cutoff/restore, remotely take photo by camera...
  Circle, retangel, polygon geofence in/out alarming
  Fuel System ,  Fuel Cnsumption Management, with Ultrasonic fuel leve sensor supported

  Overspeed, Stop, Engine on/off logging&