Make Driving Safer-New Driver Fatigue Monitor DF600

Driver Fatigue Monitor System:

Experts analyze that fatigue driving will not only affect the driver's reaction time, judgment and vision, but also affect the alertness and ability to deal with the problem, especially the "micro-sleep" period of about two-thirds of a second due to fatigue. This is an important reason for traffic accidents. Every year, due to fatigue driving, the number of car accidents caused by drunk driving is as many as several hundred thousand. The transportation department should install dangerous driving warning instruments for commercial vehicles such as transportation vehicles and bus freight.

Features of driver fatigue alarm:    transformer car alarm 2122401070

Non-contact mode detection.

Work all around the day.

Distinguish real doze or untrue sleep, effectively reduce false warning.

Early warning for drowsy status.

Detect sleeping with eyes opening.

Detect sudden sleep.

Detect mindlessness and scatterbrained.

Can be used by people with glasses or sunglasses.

Small size and beautiful outlook, easy to be installed and adjusted.

How can we deal with the fatigue driving problem?

1. Advanced face recognition technology

2. Advanced mesh membrane pupil detection technology

3. Advanced non-contact mode and cutting-edge algorithms

Automatically identify all skin color populations, eyeball changes, ensuring that every fatigue driving can be detected and reported immediately.

Efficient smart chip

The new intelligent CPU, dual-core processor, with the new ultra-high-brightness GPS module, faster, more sensitive signal reception, more accurate data, let you travel without worry.

Voice Alarm System:

Customized national versions of voice, English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc., to create a powerful voice broadcast system