High Quality Small Fuel Presure Transmitter


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TL800

  • Material:ALLOY

  • Output:Analog Sensor/DIGTAL SENSOR

Product Description
High Quality Small Fuel Presure Transmitter

Product Description
Pressure transmitter has the characterstic of high quality, high stability, small size, low weight, compact structure, low cost with volumeproduce. It is widely used to measure pressure such as occasion of compressor, Auto, , aircondition etc.
The product is made of stainless steel and the pressure sensor is selected from well-known brand. The special transmitter converting circuit can adjust the zero value and the full range expediently. Also it has the intrinsically safe certificate, the explosion proof certificate and the CE certificate.
Nonpolar twowire current output, three-wire voltage output
The products are produced with military craft with the characterstic of advanced design, , perfect technology, strict producing, superior device, superior management, perfect quality control system, and has sale in more than 40 countries.


1: Accuracy: 0.5
2: High stability, high reliability
3: Ceramic sensor from German
4: Digital calibration
5: Multiple connectors and ports
6: Zero point can be shifted
7: CE compliant


1: Compressor
2: Building Water supply
3: Hydraulic control
4: Air conditioner
5: Automotive engine
6: Automatic detection system
7: Hydraulic Pressure station
8: Refrigerator