New Car Driver Alarm Product with Lane Departure Warning Device DF600


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.DF600

  • Display Type:Without Screen

Product Description

TRACLOGIS Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

       TRACLOGIS Lane Departure Warning (LDW.), an accessory of Drowsiness Warning System, is a lane tracking product based on machine vision. This product is combined to the host of DF600 series Drowsiness Warning System, and therefore consists,together with the host, of TRACLOGIS Driver's Attention Comprehensive Assessment System.
        With the adoption of a forward-looking camera, this product is employed to detect a lane boundary on a roadway over which a vehicle is travelling ahead; to calculate a traveling direction of the vehicle as well as a lateral distance between the lane boundary and the vehicle, then it can determine a reasonable time for generating a departure warning.
Product Characteristics:

    This product is a forecaster who forecasts a lane departure behavior by calculating width and radian of the lane, traveling direction of the vehicle as well as the lateral distance between the lane boundary and the vehicle.
       This product is an all-rounder who adapts to multiple occasions except daytime and nighttime (with the help of dipped headlight and headlights on full beam of the vehicle).
       This product is a replacer who replaces cameras of traditional Car Digital Video Recorder just with a fast and simple installation.
  Product Specification:



product model

Minimum speed for working

commercial vehicle




passenger vehicles


Working time



Function Selection

Audio alarm



Yes (with the help of dipped headlight and headlights on full beam)

Detecting index

Trigger a warning

The outer edge of the front wheel is pressing inter edge of the lane line

I/O output



Detection rate


Model video output (optional)

(use cooperatively with Digital Video Recorder)


False detection rate

< 1per-hour


high-dynamic color camera

industry norm

in accordance with GB/T 26773-2011


Upload of 2G/3G data


applicable lanes

Frequently-used Lane marking line defined by GB5768

alarm restraining

Use brake

Use turn signals

  anti sleep alarm
  Product Advantage:

  High Quality & Reasonable Price
       (1) Share the same image processer with host of Drowsiness Warning System.
       (2) Play the rose of Car Digital Video Recorder.
More accurate alarm
        (1) Judge whether the driver is abstracted or is drowsing with the aid of information coming from host of Drowsiness Warning System to determine alarm degree.
      (2) assist the host of Drowsiness Warning System to forecast whether the driver is drowsing.
Easy installation
      (1) Improve installation efficiency with adoption of self-calibration function by lowering installation accuracy.
         This product is also employed to judge whether the driver was or is drowsing or will drowse during the long period of driving by means of capacity of Lane Keeping Analysis (LKA).