Stainless Steel Fuel Level Gauge Sensor TRACLOGIS


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TL800

  • Material:Metal

  • Usage:Liquid Level Sensor

  • Theory:Magnetic Sensor

Product Description
Stainless Steel Fuel Level Gauge Sensor


Measuring liquid level. The toroid became the magnetic float as liquid level measurement.
Liquid level measurement commonly used in storage tanks or valuable chemical raw materials;
A number of different specific gravity float can be installed in the same measuring rod do the same tanks layered liquid level measurement.


1. Resistant to the harsh operating environment,
2. High reliability,
3. Long life
4. High precision,
5. High stability
6. High-resolution
7. Absolute position output
8. Non-contact measurement,
9. Long life
10. Reverse polarity protection function
11. Anti-lightning,
12. Put the radio frequency interference
13. Anti-vibration,
14. Anti-shock
15. Compact structure, adapt to a wide range
16. Easy installation, no need for regular maintenance or calibration

Technical Specifications

Resolution: Level transmitter: 0.1mm,
Displacement transducer: 0.02mm
Accuracy: Level transmitter: 3mm
Displacement transducer: 0.1mm
Dead dead zone: Ordinary type:
Top dead zone: 50mm,
Bottom dead zone: 50mm, (according to user requirements appropriate to change)
Measured lever Materials: 301, 304, 316 LSS or users' required
Electronic warehouse shell material: 304 or users' required
Lead the way: 1. Shielded cable connections, the default length: 4-pin 1.5m; 2.5 core connector
Connection Type: Usually M18 × 1.5 or the users' required.