The Development Direction Of GPS

In recent times, with the multi-faceted social effects of environmental requirements, GPS, car GPS, personal GPS systems have navigation features meet the needs of a multi-faceted social environment. This multi-directional of social environment needs, promoted has world social constitute has a same of of strategy, on is divided into two a direction, a direction is let was on some system full play its role, and another a direction is active combination community of various performance of GPS system function, until need full using of of when, GPS system combination can play its super great of role function, must success, world community will can became GPS blossom of potential, Be able to from the original dump dependency on a single system, forming the international community has, the international community together to enjoy multi-faceted social environment needs. Societies throughout the world to get into the GPS satellite navigation system as a multi-faceted social environment needs, you can make multiple GPS navigation system can be applied to the highest social and environmental requirements. World-wide community of this strategy, not only can play and the United States to its GPS uses rules to make more concessions open development. All in all, because of the multi-faceted social environment needs identification, GPS has been the development of an unprecedented creative sound international environment.

Development of GPS directions, GPS will be like now and in the future mobile phone networks, and other forms of industrialization. United States has a feature that it plans to develop into international standards. Now there are many companies producing in-car GPS system. In order to fully develop our GPS industry, China GPS technology Engineering Center has been established in major cities.