The Role And Function Of Car GPS

Everyone should know before know car GPS car GPS navigation structure and differences with the vehicle tracking system.

As far as car GPS system usually consists of GPS module, wireless communication modules, alarm, voice control module control module, display module and in-car PC consists of several parts:

1.GPS module: small devices installed on the vehicle, is part of the GPS vehicle units, used to receive satellite transmission of information.

2. wireless communications module: usually in phones, or mobile data terminals (MDT) to complete the information interactive features.

3. Control module alarm: an alarm signal to the monitoring center network, inform the vehicle exception information.

4. voice control module: complete voice control and service functions.

5. display module: used to display a video image information such as road conditions, the choice of LCD, CRT, or TV show.

6. car PC: integrating the functional modules, combined with appropriate software, complete functions, such as data processing, calculate the location of longitude, latitude, altitude, speed and time.