TPMS System with Sensors for Truck and Trailer


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:TP800

Product Description
Model No.   TP800
1. The latest OLED display screen, display rotate 360 degrees
2. In both Chinese and English bilingual intelligent menu interface
3. Smart reminder, strong anti- interference
4. Semi-trailer sensor for 30 seconds to accurate matching
5. Enhance signal repeater
6. Cigarette lighter connection, or Storage battery
7. Save fuel consumption and extend the service life of tires
1. Voltage/Current: 24V/500mA
3. Storage Temperature: -20-85
4. Operating Temperature: -30-85
5. Operating Humidity: MAX95%
6. Weight: 65g± 2g
7. Protection grade: NO
8. Receiving Frequency: 433.925MHz± 3KHz; Transmitting Frequency: 432.505MHz± 3KHz

9. Receiving Sensitivity: -100dBm

1. Power installation
2. Repeater installation
3. TPMS sernsors installation
4. TPMS receiving host installation
5. Setting up the function, Units, and Warnings
6. Complete, monitoring start