Ultrasonic fuel level sensor for Any Liquid Fuel Tank Truck TRACLOGIS


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Type:Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

  • Contact:Contactless

  • Output Signal Type:Analog and Digital Output

  • Feature:No Need Dirll Hole

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • IP Rating:IP67

  • Certification:CE

  • Customized:Customized

  • Signal Output:0-5V ,0-3V,1-5V ,1-3V ,RS232 ,RS485

  • Trademark:Hengtop

  • Package:Neutral Package for Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

  • Specification:ultrasonic fuel level sensor

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:90269000

Product Description
UL800 external non-contact no need drill hole  ultrasonic fuel sensor factory for any liquid fuel tank truck 
Product Description
Overview Of  liquid measurement digital
This Product is adopted by non-contact measurement of ultrasonic sensor technology, which is researched and developed by our company and it is initiated in China. It is also widely used in fuel consumption project and all products were sold abroad.
Technical Parameters
             Voltage                        9~36VDC
             Accuracy                        ±0.5%
           Temperature                   -40°C~ +80°C
             Humidity                       5%-90%
            Max Power                      12v/0.8W
        Pressure Range                        ≤0.8Mpa
     Defaulted Baud Rate                           9600
     Date Upload Interval                       10 seconds
        Liquid Level Unit                           0.1mm
         Measure Range         4cm-100cm (customizable more than 100cm)
         Tank Thickness                             5mm
             Resolution                             0.1mm
       Work Environment           Anti-humidity ,Anti-acid ,Anti-interference

Features Of  water level sensor wireless
1. High accuracy.
Resolution of sensor's measurement for fuel height is 0.1mm.And its measurement accuracy is ±0.5%. It keeps higher accuracy even in highest or coldest outside environment.
2. Excellent stability.
Different from direct-contact measurement of float-type, pressure-type, magnetic sliding-type, fuel level sensor uses ultrasonic and non-contact measurement, which can avoid pollution and corrosion from fuel and keep stability in a long period of time.
3. Easy installment and maintenance.
You only need to install the sensor probe on lower surface of fuel tank. You don't need to change its original measurement system or punch hole for it. Its original fuel meter operates as usual.
4. No pollution and lower consumption.
This non-contact measurement and non-punch hole for fuel tank can keep off pollution from fuel.
5. High reliability.
It can still work in bad environment and it is damp-proof, acid-proof, flame-retardant, anti-interference, intellectualized. This product can be used independently to check data from auxiliary display. It can also use with GPS, which sends data to background for statistics, analysisand query.

Installation sensor
Installation of ultrasonic sensor
LED light notification
LED1:probe indicator
slow flash of green:normal
slow flash of red:abnormal
LED2:power indicator
slow flash of green:normal
slow flash of red:analog voltage output abnormal(contact with service people)
light not working:power abnormal(check power supply)

1. Can I use it with gps tracker?
     Yes, it support any gps tracker with 0-    6V analogue input or RS232 input. If RS232 interface, the gps tracker need to do integration with our sensor protocol.
2. Which is the gps tracker list it support?
     Any gps tracker with 0-    5V analogue input and RS232 input. such as A300, VT310, MVT400, MVT600 and etc.
3. What is the resolution?
 0.01mm. If multiple with section area, we can conclude the liter resolution, normally less than 1 liter fo r vehicle tank.
4. Can we measure the liter changing with it?
    Yes, create one map between level and liter, then can draw liter changing.
5. Why is it expensive than other floating sensor?
 Because ultrasonic sensor is more stable and higher resolution than floating sensor. no need drill hole on the tank .So do not compare with different type of sensor. Just compare with other capacitance sensor, our will be the most cost-effective one.
6. Do you have support for integration with our application?
    Yes, we have EE and SW engineers team to support for you with integration of our product.
7. Is it safe for using with gasoline?
    Sure, we have ExtdIIT certification.
8. Can we cut short to adopt our tank?
    No, it does not support user cutting short. We have another model F330 support customer resizing.
9.The most appropriate thick of tank wall ?
10.Where is the best place for installation ?
     The bottom of tank .
11.How to test ?
     When you testing , notice no air between the tank and the probe .and sure the tank is smooth .
12.Wire diagram
     Yellow cable : TX (RS232 sender, connect GPS receiver)
     Blue cable :RX (RS232 receiver , connect GPS sender)
     Black cable :GND
     Green cable : Analog voltage 0-5v
13.How to connect RS232/458 output ?
     Put the blue & yellow & black line together .
14.How to connect analog 0-5V output ?
     Put the green & black line together .