Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor with GPS Tracker


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Measuring Range:18mm~2500mm

  • Trademark: Traclogis

  • Type:Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

  • Installation:at The Bottom of Tank, No-Drilling and Cutting

  • Fuel:Gasoline

Product Description
ultrasonic fuel level sensor with GPS tracker

Production Instruction:
Hurricane Ultrasonic Fuel Level Meter is an non-contact detection instrument, which is used to measure
level of various liquids(e. g. , diesel, gasoline, water, liquid gas, milk, etc. ).
I t can be applied to dynamic and static container. (e. g. , a vehicle fuel tank, fuel tank, wine containers,
industrial containers, or other fluid containers).

Installation scenarios:
Ultrasonic fuel level sensor fixed to the bottom of the tank truck and connected to the Data Processiong
Host in front of the car.

Scheme A: the directly connected to a laptop to view the fuel level.
Scheme B: the connected to the GPS, send datas to platform via GPS. So you can remote monitoring fuel level at home or office

Scheme C: the Data Procession Host Connected to  the GPS, send datas to platform via GPS. You can download phone APP to enter the platform, then you can monitor fuel level anytime, anywhere by your phone.