Ultrasonic Level Control for fuel monitoring (TRACLOGIS)


Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:UL800

  • Trade Mark:Traclogis

Product Description
    UL800 Outside Ultrasonic fuel-level meter is used for fuel level measurement in vehicle fuel tanks in order to control fuel consumption. Is a highly versatile and accurate range of non-invasive liquid level measurement systems, comprising a signal processing unit and ultrasonic transceivers.

It has seven features unmatched by other liquid level meter:
1. Can be used for the most demanding environment-known velocity
Measuring any pressure, the most intense, the most toxic, corrosive
Aseptic or high purity liquid.
2. The measuring head and the instrument is in the container, so the installation, repair, maintenance operation does not contact the liquid and the gas tank,
Very safe. Even in the instrument damage or repair state, no leakage may.
3. The measuring head and the instrument isolation measuring real, not contacted with measured medium, no leakage of liquid or gas may, no environmental pollution, is the green environmental protection instrument real.
4. Online maintenance without stop, because without opening the container, without flange, without communicating pipe, so the installation, maintenance convenience, economy.
5. The measuring head and the instrument is no mechanical moving parts, and strict sealing, isolated from the outside, not wear or corrosion, very durable and reliable, maintenance workload is small.
6. H The temperature compensation, automatic calibration constantly, will ensure the highest measurement precision. Accuracy of 1 mm, a maximum range of 2 meters. Even in different temperature and vehicles and ships, can be normal use, accurate measurement.
7. LCD display, operation is simple, as long as the probe coated with coupling agent, are forcing stick to just below the container, then in the echo when appropriate.

1. Household gas tank, carbon dioxide extinguishers tank, snow of a tank, an oxygen tank, tank liquid level measuring syrup...
2. Vehicles, ships, aircraft, turbine, real-time and accurate monitoring of oil supply tank engine equipment.
3. Senser is inside of ship wall, the ship measurement water level.
4. Tank car, railway tank car, the liquid tank ship (liquid milk, syrup, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen and so on all known sound) or oil (gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, engine oil, crude oil, vegetable oil) accurately measuring the oil level.
5. The oil refinery, all kinds of oil tank, accurate measurement of oil drums.
6. Chemical liquid storage tank, a liquid storage barrel, a liquid storage container of liquid (water, phenol water, banana water, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, liquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chloroform, acrylic, methyl tert, Ding Ji ether, UDMH nitrogen, ammonia, methyl benzene, butadiene vinyl chloride, light hydrocarbon, bromide, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, toluene, xylene, four vinyl chloride, ethylene oxide, acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether, ethylene, freon, ammonia, methanol and so on all known sound accurate real-time monitoring liquid level of the liquid).
7. Food factory, sugar, yogurt, soy sauce factory plant, breweries, vinegar factory, beverage factory, tea beverage production line, carbonated beverage production line, coke plant liquid storage tank, a liquid storage barrel, a liquid storage containers for liquid (vegetable juice, fruit juice, grape juice, vinegar, soy sauce, wine, syrup, cola sugar, tea), liquid level detection.
8. Pharmaceutical factory of liquid storage tank, a liquid storage barrel, a liquid storage containers for liquid (Chinese herbal liquid level detection).
9. Liquid level detection of mineral water, pure water production line, seawater desalination, liquid storage tank, a liquid storage barrel, a liquid storage container.
10. Fire water tank, real-time monitoring of water, sewage treatment, irrigation and water conservancy, canals, reservoirs, rivers and the sea level.