Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Fuel Truck, Ultrasonic Level Measurement TRACLOGIS

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: UL800

  • Measuring Range: 3~20m

  • Precision: 0.2% of The Full Measuring Range(in The Air)

  • Current Output: 4~20mA

  • Temp. Range: -40oc ~ +70oc

  • Relay Specification: 10A AC250V/DC30V

  • Origin: China

  • Kind: Liquid Level Transmitter

  • Blind Area: 0.25~0.8m

  • Display Resolution: 1mm

  • Output Resolution: 0.03% of Full Measuring Range

  • Relay Output: Toplimit and Lower Limit Control

  • Trademark: TRACLOGIS

Product Description
Ultrasonic level sensor for fuel truck

The Ultrasonic Level Measurement UL800 is mounted on top of the vessel. Under the control of
The electronic unit, the probe emits ultrasonic wave pulse to measured medium. The sound
Wave is reflected by the surface of medium, a part of reflection echo is received by the
Probe and converted into electrical signal. From the emission of the ultrasonic wave to the
New reception, the time is direct proportion to the distance from the probe to the measured
Medium. The electronic unit detects the time and calculates out the easured distance
According to the known sound velocity. Use subtraction to obtain the value of medium
Position. It is widely used in open pipe, oil tank, pump station, water tower, dam, open
Channel, difference between levels etc.

Technical Parameter:
Product NameUltrasonic level sensor for fuel truck
Measuring Range3~20m 
Blind Area0.25~0.8m
Precision0.2% of the full measuring range(in the air)
Display Resolution1mm
Current Output4~20mA
Output Resolution0.03% of full measuring range
Temp. Range     -40ºC ~ +70ºC  
Relay Output   toplimit and lower limit control   
Relay Specification10A AC250V/DC30V
Parameter Set3 sensing buttons
Temp. Compensation   automatic within full range   
Detecting Period1 S
Installationflange or support 
Acousticwave Beam Angle8°(3db)
Pressure Range±0.04MP

Frequently Asked Questions
Liquid ammonia tank, Agitator tank, Acrylon, Pipeline for water, Sewage pool

2. How to choose a suitable level transmitter? 

Users should select suitable transmitter according to the working temp., pressure,gravity,
acid and alkali of the tested liquid.
PVC maximum temperature is 80°C, PP maximum temperature is 80°C, 
PVDF maximum temperature is 150°C, 
SUS304/316L maximum temperature is 200°C.
Plastic float maximum pressure resistance 5kg/cm2, 
SUS304/316L maximum pressure resistance 40kg/cm2.
For viscosity liquid, it is better to choose float with big diameter and  small
Gravity to overcome the surface tension of liquid.
Acid and alkali liquid:  
Please choose PP or PVDF, if temp. is higher than 80°C, PVDF ONLY
Alcohol and oil etc. liquid:                  
It is suggested to use stainless SUS.
Please select food grade SUS316L in food field.
Float's gravity S.G. should be less than tested liquid.

3. How to pay and how to delivery?
PayPal, WESTERN UNION, Maestro, MoneyGram, VISA

4. Packaging: 
1. For each type, we can send you the detailed high-resolution pictures since we have the sample in our hand.
2. For packaging, we have the professional packaging starff, pls. don't worry about the shipping.

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