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  • Model NO.:DF600

  • Voltage:DC 12V

Product Description

Product name:

Driver Fatigue Monitor DF600


Advanced face recognition and patented pupil detection technology


Suit for all vehicles


With signal output for fleet management system


Normal operating voltage 12V, 24V

Min voltage

Min operating voltage 9V

Max voltage:

Max operating voltage 32V

Features of driver fatigue alarm:    transformer car alarm 
Non-contact mode detection.
Work all around the day.
Distinguish real doze or untrue sleep, effectively reduce false warning.
Early warning for drowsy status.
Detect sleeping with eyes opening.
Detect sudden sleep.
Detect mindlessness and scatterbrained.
Can be used by people with glasses or sunglasses.
Small size and beautiful outlook, easy to be installed and adjusted.
Product Picture:    transformer car alarm 
  transformer car alarm  max car alarm security  cms monitoring softwarecar alarm remote programming

Product Composition:   transformer car alarm 
Vibration cushion:  central alarm monitoring software   cms monitoring 
Fatigue sensor can connect with the vibration cushion, when the DF600 sensor detect driver's sleepy or looking around, it will 
vibrate to warn the driver to keep attention to the road. Followed is the connected pictures:
Installation Position:   transformer car alarm 
Sit in the normal driving position. If the green light is on or twinkling, indicating that the driver has been detected in opening the eyes. If the green light is still on or flashing when the driver moves a little distance from left to right and down to up, indicating that the installation location is more reasonable. Then you can rest assured a safe driving. Flashing Green light is normal while driver open the eyes, especially for the driver rimmed spectacles. If there is some shielding, the green light will be flashing.
Warning principle:   transformer car alarm 
DF600 has been applied in the following areas:   transformer car alarm 
 Logistics company ; 
4S shop;
Mining industry;
Oil company; 
Army trucking;
Metro driver; 
Government public safety; 
Automobile manufacturing; 
Automatic production line;
Business gift.
Fleet Management System Intergration (GPS/GPRS intergration):   transformer car alarm 
The data can be directly sent from DF600 to a GPRS communication system to provide real-time warnings when fatigue could present a safety risk.
More information:   transformer car alarm 
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Company Information     transformer car alarm 
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  driver fatigue alarm
11.1. Is the infrared light harmful to my eyes and body?
No at all, the average light outlet power is less than 0.2W, and mostly died down when spreading in a 30°angle and meter distance, less than 1/10 of indoor nature light, just because the infrared light can't been seen when mixed with other lights, you don't aware the existing.
11.2. I'm worry about too much noisy alarms.
Don't worry, the device have 4 level sensitivities, the lowest level mainly alarm for the real sleeping, looking around need 3-4 seconds to trigger the alarm, nobody will do it so long when driving on the highway.
11.3. If I must drive under fatigue status, is this unit useful?
Yes, some trunk drivers always drive under fatigue status, some people used to dozy when driving in on the highway, or if you have sleepless night but must drive today. DF600 will detect the fatigue driving, giving out alarms in the instant of dozing off to wake you up.
11.4. Is it difficult to install?
No, it's very easy, just stick the main unit in front of the driver, and connect power from cigarette socket, no need any engineer or garage!
11.5.Can it connection to the vehicle power supply.
For professional applications such as  vehicles team etc. ,DF600 has a cable for direct connection to the vehicle power supply.
11.6. Will it influent my sight? Did I need to look at it?
No, it's much smaller than a GPS navigator, and no need you to stare at it, just leave it alone after you have adjusted the angle toward your eyes.  
11.7. What's your advantage comparing to the other driver fatigue alarm system?
There are 3 kinds of fatigue alarm system on the market:
Nap zipper, it judges the fatigue status only from the driver's nod. But more people don't nod at all when driving sleep.  And some people used to nod when taking or singing. So the accuracy is very low.
Lane Departure Warning system, this system have restrict. If there is no line on the road, it's no use at all. As we know, there is too much road without any line, or only 1 line in the middle, or the line is broken, all of those will influent the accuracy.
In the Straight, when the Lane abnormal, the driver may be have sleep too long to can not be wake up.
Collision Prevention, this kind of products always use image, millimeter waves or laser light to calculate distance between your car and front/back car.
But the driver's reaction time is different, when driver awake and Sleepy. It shall be more alarm when driver awake, or alarm too late when driver in sleepy.
Image detect will be influenced by light and raining weather. Millimeter is too huge size and low accuracy. Laser light will Hurt the other driver's eyes.
And all of those products are detecting the behavior of fatigue, but some of drivers will keep driving in straight line and same speed after dozed off 10-20 seconds, it's very dangerous if there is any overtake, obstacles or passengers. Our product DF600, waking up the driver in the doze off instant,  much more efficient than those products.
10.8. Why the device don't alarm when I closed my eyes?
It have 3 reasons: 
First, the device need to recognize the driver's face in the first 10-20 seconds after powered on, it can't be triggered in this period.
Second, the device is smart, if you have big body movement, or speaking, or turned you head, it will recognize that you are in sober status and wouldn't give our alarms until 5-7 seconds.
Third, you are too near, far, low or high, means you are not in center of the camera's shot area, please adjust your seat and the direction ball.
 On the other hand, if you have no movement, speaking, driving in a high speak, and your eyelid is lower and lower, it will give out alarms in 2 seconds as long as your eye closed or pupil can't be detected.
   transformer car alarm 
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