Weight Sensor For Fleet Management-LS801


Overload, illegal dumping, unauthorized using of vehicles, fuel theft, illegal

operation have been growing problems with the fast development of truck

logistics. At one time, the administrators had been helpless and obviously

traditional solutions such as truck scale are not ideal for its high cost, high

error and failure rate.



Based on the issues above, Traclogis designs and produces a

brand new load sensor, LS801 series, which has a longer life-expectancy

and higher accuracy. Users can use LS801 alone or achieve multiple

measurements on vehicles by utilizing other Traclogis sensors, GPS platforms at the same time.


The vehicle load cell is designed according to the angle measurement principle. Due to the change of the vehicle load, which will lead to displacement of the leaf spring.

The vehicle weight change can be monitored by the displacement of the leaf spring.


Measurements of empty, full-loaded, overloaded or weight.

Special design, mounted on vehicles, long life expectancy.

Easy installation and calibration, equipped with mounting blocks.

Protection IP67, vibration-resistant design (5G/40Hz)



Application field:

Overload monitoring: Setting an alarm when the vehicle is overloaded with monitoring the load

status in real time.

Dump truck management: Transporting times can be monitored.

Garbage truck management: different issues like overloaded, road damage can be avoided by

monitoring the status of overload.

Vehicles balance monitoring: With the installations of the LS801 on both sides, administrators

can judge whether the vehicle is in balance to prevent accidents like overturn.

Protect your vehicles: Overload is definitely a killer of different types of vehicles, identify this

killer by installing LS801 and take good care of your vehicles!

Save your dollars: Unauthorized using of the vehicles can be found and prevented.